Friday, April 3, 2009

Hilights of the April Business Meeting April 2, 2009

Net Report (JOP 2 meters) - 123 check-ins for March in 30 days on 2 meters. JOP will
be away for a few days over Easter weekend, and others will have to take the Net.
No specific person volunteered, so it will be handled on a “who is available at the
time” each night.

Tech Report
PA - batteries not yet replaced.
RPA - will need maintenance at the site, and a visit with Denis Roy would be good.
BBI - some progress on the repeater, but not functioning yet.
EEE - will need to be cleaned out. No decision made about when. VIS confirmed
that he did return the mike for the 2 meter radio, but there is a defect in it that
causes it to be intermittent. (Likely on a circuit board inside the mike.)

Lakeland Group - AAP has mentioned our decision with DEB to pass on to MY, but
no discussion has taken place yet about their plans to link to PA from Tweedsmuir.

RAC and Liability Club Insurance. ZC presented info available from their website. If
our club has 12 members, and 7 are RAC members, then we should only have to
pay $125 for RAC Club Liability Insurance. The RAC members though already
have this coverage, so it would mainly benefit our non-RAC members. However, it
is a good thing to be tied into RAC since they represent our interests to the gov’t.
No motions was made. (After meeting, ZC counted actually 15 current members. At
46%, we would have to pay $150.)
So far, we do not pay to be an Affiliated Club to RAC, but there is talk that this
might change. Some propose $100 / year membership for each club.
Liability Insurance does not cover much. It does not cover most things we may
think of. Many things may be covered at your home by your own personal
homeowners insurance. It was noted that it probably does not cover work on
towers, etc. You likely need a rider on your policy for this coverage (at very slight

RAC and the RED CROSS now have a memorandum of agreement (AAP).

Sick - HAE updated us on his son Ed Enequist in Edmonton. He is recovering from the
16 hour surgery. He might get home in 2 or more weeks. His wife is with him there.
There little girl is staying with friends and going to Ste.Anne’s school on west hill
in P.A.

Equipment & Other- VE5SAM still wants to sell most or all of his HAM equipment, but
prefers to sell it all to one person rather than break it up. Apparently he is moving
into a Condo that is currently being built, and could be moving as early as late

Magazine Article (PT) - in the current TCA magazine, there is an article “Regulatory
Roundup” that talks about what is legal and what is illegal to do in our radio
transmissions. Read this article on broadcasting in Ham radio. For example: general
announcements made to be heard by non-Hams, is considered illegal.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

NSARC April Meeting

The April meeting was held as usual in the home of Helen VE5HDP and Joe VE5JOP.  Will post edited minutes on this blog as soon as Blaine VE5ZC sends them to me.  I will attempt to make more regular updates from now on.  Hopefully some photos too from time to time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

VE5AAP at VE5EEE Club Station

VE5AAP visited VE5EEE Club Station this evening. The upper bands on HF were absolutely dead, but checked into Nets on 80 meters and 160 meters.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Highlights of October Club Meeting

NSARC Meeting - Oct.2, 2008
Present: VE5AAP Art Pederson (chair), VE5JOP Joe Pope, VE5PJP Walter Pope, VE5HAE Harry Enequist, VE5BCS Harold Slack, VE5ZC Blaine Witherow, and VE5HDP Helen Pope(upstairs).
Meeting was held at the home of VE5JOP/VE5HDP at 7pm.

Net Report (JOP 2 meters) - check-ins for each month on 2 meters: June - 91, July - 97, August - 112, Sept. - 127.

VE5EEE Access - PA Exhibition center. - ZC now has a key that opens the hallway so we can get to our room. AAP will make copies of that key for some of us this week. He still plans to talk to Jim Wilm.
VE5QU Randy Canning - Farewell supper Sept.5, Friday night at 6:30 at Country Kitchen was well attended. AAP was in attendance.

Health - wife of VE5PX (Dave) was visited by AAP and his wife. FMS was also seen by PJP and seemed to be doing fine.

Elections to be held at November meeting.
Dues are also due.

Ham Relations - We had cross-participation a few times recently with the other Ham groups in the area, and hopefully this will even increase.

Tech Report - BBI site - Tower still on hold on the property of PJP. He hopes to have the antenna for radio station soon, and must have tower fully up by Nov.5th, as stipulated in his tower permit. BBI repeater is still not repaired. - RPA - the previously mentioned repair was a corroded battery wire.- PA - has noise problems on the repeater was not evident in the last two days. PJP thinks it could be caused by a packet beacon, or someone generating noise. The interference is on the VHF of the PA repeater.

Historical Stuff - VE5YN John Schmidt, has photo album of historical stuff pertaining to our club that he wants to give us. We decided we would store it at EEE when we receive it. He also has an old radio to donate (we think still functional).

VE5WGN Walter Noble - Silent Key

Over the summer, members of the Ham community visited Walter VE5WGN in hospital to encourage him with his personal battle with Cancer. Before the summer was out, Walter Noble VE5WGN became a silent key. The large turnout of the Ham community at his memorial service at the Legion Hall was a witness to his involvement with us. We will miss him. Rest in peace, Walter.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Summer Events - Part 2

Frank Dunn Triathlon - Waskesiu, P.A.N.P.
Our Club participated in this Annual again this year. It was also a successful event, although the weather was a bit cool, especially in the morning. The National Park was celebrating its 80th Birthday that weekend, so vehicular traffic was a bit busier that day. We also benefitted with some volunteers from the Lakeland Radio Association for this event, as well.